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10 Movies that singer-songwriters and musicians will love watching

Hey there buddies! Movies are always fun to watch, aren’t they? So here are 10 music-related movies that singers, songwriters, and musicians will totally love. You’ll not only love them, but you might also get inspired to write amazing songs and create cool music as well! So here we go.

1. Bohemian Rhapsody

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Being a singer-songwriter or a musician, I’d be totally surprised if you haven’t watched this masterpiece yet. And if that is the case, you need to watch it ASAP. And if you’ve already watched it, go watch it again. There’s a lot to look out for. The unique music style of the band, the mind-blowing lyrics, and the lifestyle of the band members, everything in the movie. I’m sure you’ll immediately start working on your songs after you watch the movie again. Because it will give you a sense of inspiration and motivation for sure.

2. School of Rock

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School of Rock is another great movie. It’s about a guy named Dewey Fin who is kicked out of his band after a disastrous performance at a local night club. He then takes up a job as a substitute teacher at an uptight elementary private school. He then tries to make a rock band with the students there and then, you need to watch it yourselves!

3. Hannah Montana – The Movie

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Most of you must have watched Hannah Montana show on Disney Channel. The movie was amazing too. It had a great soundtrack with a mix of pop and country music. Most of the movie features a countryside location, which, in my opinion, is a great thing to get some relaxation. Watching it might as well help you write some calm and soothing songs and if not that, it will at least freshen you up.

4. Emo The Musical

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I found this movie a few months ago when I was searching Netflix for musicals. It’s an interesting flick to watch. It’s a story about Ethan, an emo kid, who hates almost everything. He goes to a new school where he joins an emo rock band, falls in love with a good Christian girl who has a passion for life and religion. Go watch it!

5. Begin Again

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Begin again is another amazing movie starring Mark Ruffalo, Keira Knightley, Hailey Steinfield, and Adam Levine. The movie is about a formerly successful record label executive who goes on a drinking binge after getting fired from his job; a young independent songwriter who has recently broken up with her longtime boyfriend and songwriting partner – a newly successful musician who has an affair with one of his producer’s assistant. It is a good mixture of drama, relationships, business, and music. It has some amazing songs and will surely inspire you to continue pursuing music and writing more songs.

6. Coco

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Disney’s Coco, for me, is a masterpiece. Full of great songs and totally inspiring as well as refreshing. I picked up a nylon string guitar for the first time after watching Coco and I just fell in love with the sound and the feel of playing it. It is about a young boy Miguel who totally loves playing music while his whole family hates even the slight mention of music. You’ll surely love the songs ‘Remember Me’ and ‘Poco Loco’.

7. 8 Mile

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This movie is about a young rapper starring Eminem. He’s a white guy living in a black neighborhood who struggles with poverty and abuse. He blurts out his frustration with things through writing raps. A must watch. I personally started brainstorming for songs on a piece of paper every day after seeing Eminem do it in the movie.

8. Camp Rock 1 & 2

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It’s a movie about a music camp starring Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato. The whole movie takes place at the camp and it is full of scenes where people are writing songs and singing and performing. Just watching it gives you a sense of inspiration to write more, perform more, and to connect with other artists. If there are any such camps being held nearby, you should surely take part. Meanwhile, go watch the movie.

9. Forever My Girl

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Again, a great movie with a good storyline and amazing songs. It is about a singer-songwriter who leaves everything; his family, his love, to become a singer. He becomes successful. The movie revolves around how he wins his family and love back after abandoning them for a long time.

10. Lost & Found Music Studios

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This one is not actually a movie, but a show on Netflix. It’s about “Lost & Found”, a live music venue, recording studio, and jam space; overall an amazing place where young musicians go to become great. Members immerse themselves in music, write songs record tracks and form bands in hopes of turning their passion into a profession. But, if making it in the music industry wasn’t hard enough, these aspiring artists also have to deal with the many issues teens face including first crushes, peer pressure, difficult home lives and trying to fit in. I found this one a few months ago. I used to watch one episode every day and then write a song after watching each episode. Maybe you can try doing the same thing and let me know how it went.

Alright, so this was the list. Please let me know about all the movies that I missed out so that I can watch them and post another list too. I shared this list because watching these movies helped me a lot as a songwriter and as a guitarist because every time I watch something like this, it gives me so much motivation to keep learning new things and also the inspiration to write new songs. I hope it will help you the same way, or even more. Please let me know if you want me to write about any topic. Happy Songwriting everyone!


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