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Build a Daily Writing Habit – How To Write Everyday

Maintaining a habit of writing is something everyone knows will help you improve, but many find it hard to do in the beginning. And I was no different. I knew that I should write something daily, at least for a few minutes. It is really easy if you look at it, but still it took me a couple of months to actually cultivate a daily habit of writing. Let me tell you what helped me build a daily writing habit.

When I found out how it helps me improve, I started doing it everyday.

To be honest, I started writing daily after I experienced how it helps me write better songs. Till then it was not a habit. I just wrote when I felt like writing. Until then, I had been doing free writing a few times a week, but not daily. But when I found out that my songwriting has improved, I’m able to create better metaphors, use better references in my songs, and all that is because of free writing and journaling, I started writing everyday.

Find a reason – Why do you want to write everyday?

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Is it because you want to improve your writing skills? Is it because you want to clear your head at the end of the day? Or is it just because you love writing? Any reason in that case. The reason can be one or many. All you need to do is find a reason which can motivate you to write everyday. It is no big deal at all. 10 minutes a day is all you need.

Start today itself, do it for a week and see if your reason has been fulfilled or not. If it has, and you’re seeing the results, you’ll be inspired to do it everyday. And if it hasn’t, do it for one more week and you will eventually see the results. And even if you don’t see the results in one or two weeks, keep going and you’ll have a habit which you’ll cherish, and whose results will definitely be evident in the long run without you even realising.

Here’s what you need to do in order to build a daily writing habit.

Figure out when you want to write, which time of the day. Early mornings are the best and so are late nights. But it can be any time of the day as long as you can stick to writing at the same time everyday. It’s not necessary to do it at the same time, but when you want to build a habit, doing something at the same time everyday helps you get used to it.

Once you figure out the time, decide the place where you want to write. A peaceful place where there is no disturbance and which can be easily accessible everyday. Now set a reminder so that you won’t forget to write and there you go! All you need to do now is stick to the schedule and make sure you don’t miss a single day. But don’t worry even if you miss a day or two initially, just make sure that the gap doesn’t expand. Continue and stick to it from the next day even if you miss some day. That’s all you need to do. Really, it’s that simple! Let me tell some more things that can help you start writing everyday and can help you stick to it.

Buy a new notebook that you like!

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As soon as you decide that you’re gonna write everyday, head over to a nearby stationery shop or online, and buy yourself a new notebook. A new pen or a set of multi-colour pens are great too. Personally, buying a new notebook which I love increases my excitement to write something and it also helped me a lot when I wanted to build a daily writing habit.

10 minutes is all you need!

That’s true! Only 10 minutes out of 24 hours is what you need here. Start today itself and write everyday for 10 minutes. When you sit down to write, set a timer for 10 minutes and start writing your stream of consciousness. Stop when your timer runs out. Don’t write more than that. At least for now, stick to just 10 minutes. If you want to write more, take a break for an hour or two and then write whatever you want to. But for this habit, just stick to 10 minutes. No more, no less. When you set a timer, you’ll be restricted to 10 minutes and so you won’t spend time thinking, and will write whatever comes to your mind, in a flow, and without any filters. That’s exactly we want here. Hence the 10 minutes and the timer thing. Doing it for more than that might bring in boredom initially, so sticking to this limit will help you stay motivated without losing interest. It will also help you write honestly because you won’t have time to think what to write. Keep doing it everyday!

That’s all. What are you waiting for now? Start writing today itself and stick to the habit. You’ll see the results soon!

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