Childhood games we all loved playing

While we do have cool games conveniently available in our palms, I really miss the games of childhood. They were truly amazing, and it’s sad that a lot of children today are missing out on lot of amazing things. Here’s a list of some of those games, I hope you’ll introduce children around you to them and maybe you can play along too and get some nostalgia!

I’ve listed them randomly, and not according to order of preference. Because equally love them all.

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1. Monopoly


Monopoly was amazing. Buying properties, renting them, mortaging, I felt like I’ve become a businessman! This was one the best pass times of me and my cousins.

2. Hop Skotch

Hopskotch, a childhood game we loved

Hopping on one leg, taking your precious stone from square to square. Might even sound weird, but was fun to play. I remember I would even spent hours finding the best stone or breaking a roof tile and polishing it till perfect! We used to play many variations of hopscotch and each one of them was cool.

3. Snakes & Ladders

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Snakes and Ladders was possibly the first board game I played. More than 15 years since I was first introduced to it, AND I STILL HATE THAT LAST SNAKE! It was really cold hearted.

4. Marbles

marbles, an amazing childhood game
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Marbles were not only fun to play with, but also fun to collect. While there were many different variations of playing marbles, the most popular amongst us was the circle. I don’t know what it’s called but here’s how it’s played. We draw a circle on the ground, every player puts in equal number of their marbles in the circle, and you have to shoot them out of the circle one by one with a marble that you choose as your shooter. A line is drawn at a distance and everyone throws their shooter as close to the line as they can, but doesn’t cross it. The one whose shooter is the closest to the line goes first, and so on.

Players take turn to shoot out the marbles from the circle and if they are successful in doing so, they get to keep that marble and one chance to eliminate other players. If you remove a marble and then shoot out other player’s shooter marble, that player gets eliminated. The last to remain, or the one to remove the last marble from the circle wins. Simple, yet so much fun to play!

5. Hide and Seek

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As much as I loved playing hide and seek, I was honestly terrified of getting busted and then having to seek others. I was really bad at it. But still, it was one of the most favourite childhood games of mine.

6. Jenga

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Talking about childhood games and we forget this masterpiece? Not a chance! When removing a block, it felt like I’m some kung fu master gathering all the concentration on the tip of a finger to push one block out without affecting the others. And that feeling when the tower falls down, was really heart breaking.

7. UNO

Uno, one of the best childhood games
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How amazing was the joy of shouting UNO when you had only one card left! And then the frustration if you have to draw a card in the next round because you don’t have that colour. The draw four card was a real friendship breaker though!

While these games are the first ones that came to my mind, there were so many childhood games that we loved playing and each of them was equally amazing. Do let us know your favourites in the comments. Thank You so much for reading and have a nice day!

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