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DIY white sneakers – Customise your white kicks!

Do you know what’s more amazing than white sneakers? Custom made white sneakers! White Converse Chuck Taylor’s are my all time favourites and I just love it when they are customised. Here are a few DIY white sneakers ideas to try out.

Ombre dyed sneakers

Japanese harajuku galaxy gradient hand-painted canvas shoes

Cool and elegant, ombre dyed sneakers look great and feel great. You can buy them online on various stores that sell custom shoes, but it’s great to try customising them yourself. Ombre dying shoes can be tricky though, here’s a tutorial you can check out – DIY: Ombré Sneakers/Converse | LaurDIY . Make sure you try it out on old pair of shoes first!

Embroidered DIY white sneakers

DIY embroidered canvas sneakers

Another DIY white sneakers that look amazing are embroidered ones. Not only for girls, with the right shapes and patterns they can look good on guys too. If you want to try it out, try embroidery on an old cloth first till you get the hang of it. After you perfect it, figure out what patterns or shapes you’re gonna use, practice them on an old cloth, and then go ahead with the shoes. You can check out this article for more details on how to do it – Forget the Hoop! Embroider White Canvas Sneakers for Spring.

White kicks with Doodles!

Cat Doodles Funny Black and White Kitties Pattern High-Top Sneakers

If you love doodles, this one’s for you. You can check it out on the above link or try it yourself. You can have your favourite doodles on them which make them feel completely personalised, and they look super cute! Practice doodling on paper till you get it right, then list down what all you want to doodle. Pinterest always helps. Get some fabric pens, there are pens that are specially designed for canvas sneakers which you can buy. Again, you can try it first on an old pair of shoes to practice and figure out which pens go well with the material. Unleash your creative juices! Go all black on white, or make it colourful! Anything you please.

Polka Dots

Converse Shoes - Converse sneakers

Classy! Go with a single colour, two colours, different shades of the same colour, or totally multicolour. Everything looks good on a white sneaker. Plus, they are really simple to DIY. All you need is some fabric colours, and round stamps which you can easily cut out from a cardboard. You can also do this with other coloured sneakers. Try experimenting with colours; white looks cool on all colours.


Talking about cardboard stamps for the polka dots, I just realised you can cutout different shapes from a cardboard, apply fabric colour on one side and stamp it on your sneakers! Like little flowers, mickey mouse, stars, etc.

These are a few ways of customising your white sneakers. You can experiment with different things and different themes like superheroes, video games, floral, etc. Infinite possibilities!

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