Mood Board for Songwriting

A mood board is simply a collage or a collection of images, visuals, text, etc. which defines a particular concept or topic. People often use mood boards for their creative projects, and yes, you can use mood board for songwriting too! And trust me, it is really a life saver when you are not able to find stuff to write for your song.

An example of a mood board

mood board inspiration

You can check out this article by ‘thekdesignco’ to get some tips on how to create a mood board: How to Create a Mood Board: Tips & Tricks from a Pro .

Now that you know what a mood board is, let’s see how you can use a mood board for writing better songs.

Once you’ve decided on the theme of your song, start brainstorming so that you have related words and phrases. In case you don’t know what brainstorming is, it’s writing down all the words that come to your mind for a particular topic. Let’s say the theme of your song is a coffee date with someone and after brainstorming, you end up with some words like: coffee, brew, love, sweet, bitter, cafe, outdoors, etc. This was just an example. Brainstorm till you are satisfied with what you have and them move ahead.

After you’ve brainstormed and have enough words and phrases, head over to Google Image search or Pinterest, and search for all the words, starting with your theme. So for the example given above, we start by searching for ‘coffee date’ and then for all the other words that we have brainstormed.

Here’s a what I got when I searched for coffee date on Pinterest.

Search for all the words on Pinterest, Google Image Search, or any stock images site, and save all the images that you like. Now, Print them out and make a collage in your scrap book. Or you can just create a digital collage with all the images and words that you brainstormed. That’s all! You now have your mood board for songwriting.

In case you’re wondering how it helps, let me tell you that. When you write a song, just keep the mood board with you, and by taking a look at the images you’ve collected, you will find some new and interesting ways to describe certain feelings, emotions, situations, etc. Chances are, you’ll find some images that perfectly fit the theme of your song. So, you can directly turn them into words. But all the images will give you something that you can use, that’s for sure.

This way you can create interesting metaphors, write things that you might not have thought of otherwise, and thus it helps you write better songs! The pictures also give you more references that you can use in your song. Although it’s not necessary, you can definitely use this technique when you feel stuck somewhere.

That’s all for now. Let me know of any other things that you find useful while writing songs. Thank you, and Happy Songwriting!

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